Moonset over El Sunzal at sunrise, featuring my free sprite friend Julio. ⠀ ⠀

Don’t waste your time looking for part 1 and 2, they don’t exist. “Part 3” stands for the third time I visited this epic little surf town called El Tunco in El Salvador. I decided to write about this trip because one night, while watching a neon sunset on top of a cliff with my friends, we started talking about how fun it is to go back and read some crazy ass stories from our old diaries. Actually, the last time I wrote a diary, I must’ve been 15… Needless to say that a few years have gone by since then and times have changed so let me do what every good Millenial would do, and blog instead.

I wasn’t planning on travelling anywhere this fall, but I got a text from my friend Claudia and it was a screen shot of the cheapest flight to El Salvador I’ve ever seen. Not only she’s down to go, but 2 other friends are going to be there. Lyz, who’s been there so many times she’s basically a local, and Sophie who’s taking a break from her corporate life to join the party wave! There’s no way we we’re gonna skip this opportunity so we went all out and booked our flights! Can you believe the stars have finally aligned so we can all surf together???? Mercury can go back to bed.

Las Bichas Locas Photo: @rudy.ortiz

A couple of weeks go by, I get on the plane, and halfway through my 25 hour trek to El Salvador (no wonder the flight was so cheap), we get a message from Claudia in the group text saying she ain’t coming. Wait…WHAT? I had to read it twice because I couldn’t believe it. She explained that her passport was expiring in 5 months but it has to be valid for at least 6 months when you travel, so she got turned around when she tried to check in at the airport… IMAGINE! Even for a 2 weeks trip! Really? Ugh rules… I was hoping it was a prank, bur the only person who got pranked here is Claudia.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Mopelia is not down with Smirnoff Ice… But Lyz is.

I finally land in the tropics and instantly trade my jeans for a pair of short shorts. As soon as I get outside, I spot Lyz waiting for me with a sign like I’m VIP. In this case VIP stands for Very Important Prank because behind it, is a Smirnoff Ice. If you don’t know what “getting iced” means, google it and get amongst it. It’s suppose to be a prank, but we enjoy it a little too much. Sophie is no exception. As soon as she landed, she received her own Smirnoff welcome ceremony.



Now that we’re “all” here, it’s time to SURF! Our world-class-globe-trotter-award winning-travel-geo friend Lyz, hooked us up with a sick pad at Balancé Retreat and a couple of boards to start the week! I only get to surf about 15-20 times on a good year, so every time I’m back on a different board and a different wave, I feel a little rusty. I always get to a point where I’m frustrated of always repeating the same mistakes over and over, wiping out and not catching waves, and then I change the recipe. This time, I changed the board. I went in for a 5:45am sunrise surf with my friend Rodrigo, who always has the best advice. I took all my  determination, and just like every other time I go through this frustration, follows the best surf ever.

A bad surf day, is still better the a no surf day.

My mime performance of “couch surfing” Photo: @rudy.ortiz

Learning a new sport definitely comes with ups and downs, but every day in the water is a good day.
The BEST days are when I get to drop in on a party wave with all of my friends!

Apparently the party wave just got bigger, because Julie just booked a flight to join the girl gang! Can I get a “AMEN” for having impulsive friends!!!

All this excitement and surfing everyday can definitely be tiring so in between surfs, we filled our time with a cornucopia of glorious naps, guacamole and massages. We got to watch the sunset at a few different places like the El Dorado surf Resort which is ran by a crew of french-fries, just like us. Rodrigo took us to his mansion for an exquisite dinner. We met the rad founders of the Salty Souls surf-yoga retreat, dove through waves filled with sand at La Bocanita’s break, listened to the best beats at Monkey Lala’s beach bar, watched the sunset from the top of a cliff at Casa Miramar, went dancing in a club for 10 minutes cuz that’s about all the Reggaeton I can handle…


When your friends wear the same colours as El Tunco’s famous sunsets.

In short (and in shorts), I can return home with just enough mosquito bites, jelly fish burns and water in my ears to feel completely soaked (pun intended) with memories of one of the best surf trips I’ve ever done! The experience wouldn’t be complete without bringing home a little souvenir, right? Unfortunately my luggage was already full so I only had room for a nasty tropical fever. And that’s how I extended my vacation… on the couch! Theeeee End.